Sunday, February 1, 2009


In December 2008, Admiral had been at the NNHS shelter over a year. Last summer, Ron and Sharon Bonnett, Admiral’s Shelter BUDDIES, started visiting the shelter to spend time with the dogs. Sharon had her favorites, and Ron (who has trained dogs professionally) donated his time and patience to Admiral. Before we realized it, Admiral would heel and sit. He was just learning to stay when Gary in Council Bluffs called the shelter to ask if Admiral was still available. We quickly responded with an enthusiastic, “Yes. He’s here, and he’s been trained by his BUDDY.”
Gary and his family brought their Boxer pup, Bosley to the Maryville shelter to get to know Admiral. Ron walked the family through a number of commands. That day – that snowy, blustery December day before Christmas -- Admiral was adopted. Just recently Gary sent pictures of Admiral (now called Angus) on what has become Angus’ loveseat. He’s HOME, and we’re all thrilled! Thank you, Ron, for making Admiral into a true gentleman! Thanks to Gary and his family for making Angus “a regular family