Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Get Involved

"Animals lend a touch of grace to our lives
by teaching us the real meaning
of unconditional love and by bringing out
the kindest and best impulses in us.
They give us so much and ask for so little." ~ Carol Kline
There are many ways our community can get involved with rescue:

1. When NNHS shelter dogs are transported to rescue, we provide them with new collars and leashes – gifts from the Rescue Team to wish them good luck in their new lives.

Please Help Us! Add a couple of collars and leashes to your grocery cart once in a while and drop those items off at the shelter. Be sure the shelter staff knows they are specifically for the NNHS Rescue Program. Or, call Marlene (660-562-4612), and she’ll be glad to pick them up.

2. When our cuddly shelter cats find new homes with rescue organizations, we have to find a driver to travel non-stop with them to their destination. Most recently, that has been the Davenport or Chicago area. We provide our dedicated drivers with gas money, food money, and an overnight stay before they return to Maryville the next day – returning all our cat cages with them.

Please Help Us! We can always use more cat cages. So, if you have some you no longer use, please let us know. We’ll even pick them up if you’d like us to.

3. Our shelter is responsible for lining up drivers for the first “leg” of any transport. For example, if a couple of our shelter dogs have found foster homes in Minnesota, the first “leg” of the trip will likely be from Maryville to Lamoni, IA. Transports are almost always set up on weekends because so many drivers have full-time jobs during the week.

Please Help Us! If you can spend three or four hours on a Saturday or Sunday morning driving dogs on the first leg of their journey to a new life, we want to hear from you. Call Marlene at (660) 562-4612, email Marlene at
m-thompson@classicnet.net, or tell Cindy at the shelter that you are available to drive. This is a team effort, and we welcome new volunteers!

4. We have been blessed to find amazing rescues in Illinois and Wisconsin who have made a commitment to OUR shelter dogs – especially the black ones that have been at the shelter for six months or more. When a rescue is willing to put 10 of our dogs into doggie day care of foster homes, we are thrilled. But, we don’t always have enough cages.

Please Help Us! In order to move all sorts of dogs – big, small, the more senior kids, and the puppies and kittens, we need crates of all sizes – most especially medium and large dog crates!

5. Financial Donations? We put any and all donations to very good use. The Rescue Team does not receive financial assistance from the New Nodaway Humane Society. We are responsible for raising or own funds to pay the shelter pull fees, help with vetting on the animals before they travel, and paying for gasoline needed to get them on their way – to Minnesota, Colorado, Wisconsin, or wherever their new families anxiously await their arrival.

Please Help Us! Any and all donations to the Rescue Program are appreciated. Unfortunately, we do not have non-profit status, so your donations are not considered tax-deductible. If you would like to help our grassroots effort to ensure that abandoned animals have a second chance at life, checks can be mailed to:

Marlene Thompson

620 West Halsey Street, Apt. 5
Maryville, MO 64468

Or, you can make a deposit to my PayPal account (m-thompson@classicnet.net) by going to http://www.paypal.com/.

Thanks so much for getting involved!

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