Monday, March 2, 2009

About Rescue

Our operation is a grassroots effort to find safe, loving homes for dozens of pets residing in cages at the New Nodaway Humane Society (NNHS) Animal Shelter. Although we strive to find homes for these animals via local adoption, it is also necessary to rely on rescue in order to save the lives of as many of these animals as possible. We're proud of our low-kill status at the shelter!

The rescue process can be quite complex and challenging. It begins with finding a rescue organization in another area (we’ve placed animals with organizations as far away as Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Colorado) where there is a demand for one or more of our animals. Next, the animals are given shots and routine medical care, including spaying or neutering, and are tested for aggressivity or other behavioral issues. Additional photos may be required to share with potential adopters.

Finally, a transport must be organized. For longer transports, this may involve as many as six to ten trained volunteer drivers who each complete 1 1/2- to 2-hour legs along the route. A wonderful coordinator sets up these transports "in her free time". The level of responsibility and dedication required of drivers to make the transports successful is intense. Most have full-time jobs and are willing to give up their weekends (and their hard-earned gas money) to get OUR animals to safety. However, the payoff is the sort of inspiring stories shared on this blog—of animals previously seen as misfits or throwaways who are able to find new homes where they are treasured as members of the family.

Enjoy the stories, and if you’d like to help facilitate our efforts, please email me or check out my “Get Involved” post. Thanks for visiting!

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