Monday, March 2, 2009

Rescue Team

Since 2006, a three-member rescue team, operating in conjunction with NNHS Shelter staff, has worked day and night to place the shelter's urgent dogs and cats with well-researched rescue organizations.

In the past three years nearly 400 dogs and cats from the NNHS shelter have been transported in two-hour segments, leg-by-leg, to top-notch rescue organizations in Georgia, Florida, Indiana, Minnesota, Iowa, New Hampshire, Colorado, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska and New York. It's a huge undertaking for three Maryville volunteers who believe that saving one animal makes a difference – especially to that one animal. It couldn't be done without the hard work and cooperation of an amazing shelter staff (Cindy, Sue, Kim, Barb, Jelyna) charged with getting the dogs vetted and ensuring they are healthy for travel. Obviously, n
one of this would be possible without the financial donations
we receive from a handful of kind-hearted contributors. They know who they are and what their contributions mean to our effort. THANK YOU!

Team Members:

Although Sharon has a full-time job and has pets of her own, she spends her “free” time researching rescues throughout the country to make sure they are no-kill facilities and “worthy” of the dogs and cats we have come to love at the NNHS Animal Shelter. Once the research has been completed, Sharon spends her weekends and evenings asking these organizations to consider pulling dogs and cats from our shelter and into their rescue programs. Through Sharon’s tireless efforts, we have been blessed to work with some of the finest rescues in the country.

Not only does D’Ann work non-stop to physically get shelter dogs and cats to rescue, she has also volunteered to take each animal’s picture when they arrive at the shelter so they can be placed on the NNHS website. She is our “dog whisperer” – the one who, after spending a relatively short amount of time with an animal, feels its frustration and fear. Rescues want to know everything possible about our dogs and cats before they agree to pull them from the shelter. D’Ann spends hours testing the dogs, taking additional pictures, and then actually transporting the shelter’s seemingly difficult-to-adopt animals on the first leg of their journey to a new life.

Working as a liaison with the shelter staff, Marlene coordinates with rescuing organizations to ensure the dogs and cats they take from our shelter are what they expect. She assists with testing – both cats and dogs -- and provides the shelter staff with information for the shelter-to-rescue transfer paperwork required by Missouri State Law. Marlene maintains the NNHS website ( and is also the founder and coordinator of the shelter’s Buddy Program (see link to Buddy Program to the left).


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