Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Cats' Meow

Rachael Resk, the founder of PURRS Naperville Cat Rescue, is a nationally known animal communicator, professional animal behaviorist and spiritual teacher. She is pictured above with “Jacob,” her own brown tabby who passed away shortly after this photo was taken. Rachael is blessed with an amazing knowledge of animal behavior fundamentals and an uncanny understanding of animals and “their people.” Her intuition and animal communication skills have helped many an owner work with an animal behavioral issue, medical concern, or simply build upon a bond that already exists. She has also found several lost pets -- and a few missing persons!

When the NNHS Animal Shelter is dangerously full of cats and kittens, PURRS and Rachael have always been there to help. Last year, 31 shelter cats were transported to PURRS. All of those cats have now found permanent homes. Once again this year, just before litter season began in our community, another 24 cats traveled via transport to PURRS in February and March.

Among the cats traveling to Naperville in March this year was a kid named “Chaser,” a beautiful four-year-old gray and white fella. Chaser arrived at the shelter with what was determined to be an old spinal injury near his tail. The injury made it difficult for Chaser to walk sometimes or to use his litter box. While he seemed somewhat standoffish at first, when we discovered the old injury, it wasn’t hard to figure out why he had to be handled carefully to avoid causing him pain.

I told Rachael that I feared Chaser might need surgery to correct
the old injury. A month later she emailed to say that, after having been seen by their vet and then adjusted by a “kitty chiropractor” a couple of times, Chaser was pain-free and back to walking normally and using his litter box as if he’d never had a problem. Rachael added: “Everyone loves Chaser!”

Chaser is not the first NNHS “special needs” cat Rachael has asked us to send her way for treatment, and we trust he won’t be the last.

The NNHS cats all talk about you, Rachael! You are their guardian angel when they simply cannot find good homes here in Maryville. Thank you!